Adoption Commitment Approach

In 2021, it is estimated that Shelters across Canada took in more than 150,000 dogs and cats (Humane Canada). These animals range in breed, size, age, behaviors and more, but they're all aiming for one common goal; to find their forever home through adoption. That's where you come in!

The HBSPCA receives thousands of adoption applications every year, and we want to respect your time and effort, while finding every animal their forever home. That's why, in order to accomplish our ambitious goals, we've created a first-of-its-kind, mutual commitment, Adoption Commitment Approach.

Your Commitment

When you find an animal you'd like to adopt, you'll first start by submitting a fully-refundable deposit (payment authorization) on this website, which we pair with your application. Your payment authorization is a demonstration of your commitment to the adoption process, and the animal itself.

NOTE: If you are selected as the final adopter, your deposit will be credited towards the full adoption price. In all other cases, your deposit will be refunded.

To honour your commitment, time and effort, HBSPCA is able to provide the following guarantee.

Our Guarantee

Every animal you see on our website is currently available for adoption. We limit the total number of applications per adoptable animal to a small group of high-intent applicants, carefully review every application, and keep our website up-to-date.

In Summary...

By implementing this Adoption Commitment Approach, we ensure your valuable time to complete an application, and your serious commitment to adopt with us, is respected. In other words, your application will be reviewed with approximately 5 other high-intent applications (versus dozens, or hundreds, under a traditional adoption application approach).

You and the HBSPCA are jointly committing to a respectful, timely and efficient adoption process.

Here's How It Works

We keep it simple. If you'd like to adopt our furry friend, here's what happens after you submit your fully-refundable deposit (payment authorization) online:

  1. After deposit, you'll receive a formal application form via email
  2. After submitting your application, you're application will be reviewed by our Adoption Team
  3. You may be invited for a telephone call, or in-person meet-and-greet, and we may reach out via email with additional questions
  4. Within 10 business days, all applicants will be notified of the adoption plan
  5. The final adopter will proceed with registration, payment and orientation
  6. All other applicants will be fully refunded their deposit

Please Note: For the wellbeing of all animals in our care, members of the public are not able to meet with adoptable animals until they have completed a formal application, and are invited to a scheduled meet-and-greet appointment.

Adoption Fee


The Total Adoption Fee is $750 for a Puppy (6 months or less)$500 for an Adult (6 months to 7 years), and $400 for a Senior (8 years+). Your fully-refundable deposit will be credited towards the Total Adoption Fee.


The Total Adoption Fee is $350 for a Kitten (6 months or less)$300 for an Adult (6 months to 7 years), and $250 for a Senior (8 years+). Your fully-refundable deposit will be credited towards the Total Adoption Fee.

Looking for Application Support?

To best serve you, and if you are able, we highly recommend completing your application online. However, if you're not comfortable submitting your adoption application online, you can drop by our Adoption Centre at 245 Dartnall Rd, Hamilton, to complete your application in-person.

Please Note: If you'd like to complete your adoption application in person, you'll need to visit our Adoption Centre within 48 hours of viewing this adoptable pet online.