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Hello there, I'm Hermione. I'm an adult rabbit, and I live in a shelter. I'm a little shy, but don't let that fool you, I'm also incredibly curious. I love to explore my surroundings, sniffing out new scents and finding hidden treats. I'm a bit of a bookworm too, you might say. I enjoy the quiet moments, the gentle rustling of pages, the soft murmur of human voices. I'm not a fan of loud noises or sudden movements, I prefer a calm, peaceful environment. I know I might need a little time to come out of my shell, but I promise you, I'm worth the wait. I would love to find a forever home where I can continue to explore and learn in my own quiet way. Why should you adopt me? Because every home needs a little bit of magic, and I'm just the rabbit to bring it.

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    Hermione would love a home were she can be get lots of love and enrichment. Has been spayed and micrchipped.

    Every adoptable animal at the HBSPCA comes with everything your furry friend needs.

    This includes all up-to-date vaccinations and deworming, testing and prevention procedures before adoption (when required), flea prevention treatment, microchipping, dental work and bloodwork (when recommended by our veterinarian).

    Most importantly, your adoptable animal always comes fully spayed/neutered.

    We also offer every adoptable animal one sample bag of the Hill’s Science Diet food (which this animal has been eating in our care.

    All-in, our adoptable animals come with over $1,000 of value.

    For the wellbeing of all animals in our care, members of the public are not able to meet with adoptable animals until they have completed a formal application, and are invited to a scheduled meet-and-greet appointment.

    In addition, the majority of animals in our care are placed in foster homes until they are adopted to optimize their health. Most animals you see on our adoption page are not located on-site, in our shelter.

    • Your Commitment

      The HBSPCA facilitates adoptions through a unique Adoption Commitment Approach. By submitting a fully-refundable deposit today, which will be paired with your application, we're able to offer the following guarantee.

    • Our Guarantee

      Every animal you see on our website is currently available for adoption. We limit the total number of applications per adoptable animal to a small group of high-intent applicants, carefully review every application, and keep our website up-to-date.

    • A Better Experience

      Your valuable time to complete an application, and your commitment to adopt with us, is respected. In other words, we review your application with ~2-5 other applicants (instead of dozens or hundreds), and guarantee a response.